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Phone calls have been made and letters written. The grapevine crackles with "concerned" whisperings. It's all about you and your family. You've been identified as divisive or "off" or maybe just a bit suspect concerning your loyalties to the program. Suddenly long-term friends are reluctant to speak with you. The gloom of isolation settles. What next?

Or perhaps you are no longer able to tolerate the increasingly strange and empty Movement "climate" anymore. In the name of loyalty, you've swallowed things for so long and done things void of life for too many years. You're tired of hearing that there's nothing else out there and more than tired of threats about leaving.

The good news is that there is church life beyond the Local Church Movement. A Southern California Care Group has been established for the encouragement and support of departing Local Church Members in that area. This is a place where people aren't on a negative angry rant; they are ex-members who have gone through a period of healing themselves. They understand what you're going through. The group is within an easy drive of Anaheim and offers opportunities to pray, fellowship, break bread and sort through the difficult experiences of previous Local Church involvement. There is also a developing new church burden for those who wish to be involved in serving the community.

If you wish to participate, reach us through the contact link on this site. All information will be kept confidential.

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