A Future and a Hope

If you’ve spent time in the local church of Witness Lee, and had a less than positive experience, you’re not alone. The question is, how do you hold onto your faith and forward momentum? This book will seek to provide answers. The author, who is an ex-elder and full time ministry worker, spent twenty-six years traveling and teaching within the Local Church Movement. Although Future may help outsiders who are seeking answers about this particular “fellowship,” it was specifically written for ex-insiders who wish to move on to healthier church practice.

This e-book is free of charge, and can be shared with others, provided the content is not altered in any way (Please see the chapter links below).

A unified edition of Future is TBA.

CHAPTER 1 The Writing on the Wall

CHAPTER 2 Church Life Beyond Bitterness

CHAPTER 3 Church Life Beyond “Men”

CHAPTER 4 Church Life Beyond Uniqueness

CHAPTER 5 Church Life Beyond Oneness

CHAPTER 6 Church Life Beyond “The Work”

CHAPTER 7 Church Life Beyond “The Work”–Dispelling Misunderstandings about Numbers

CHAPTER 8 Church Life Beyond “The Work”–Dispelling Misunderstandings about Methods

CHAPTER 9 Church Life Beyond “The Work”–Dispelling Misunderstandings about Spiritual Authority

CHAPTER 10 Church Life Beyond the Bushel

CHAPTER 11 Church Life Beyond the Bushel–Using Devotional Practices Properly

CHAPTER 12 Church Life Beyond the Bushel–Matching the Gift to the Need

CHAPTER 13 Church Life Beyond the Bushel–Music that Makes Sense

CHAPTER 14 Church Life Beyond the Bushel–Teaching that Makes Sense

CHAPTER 15 Church Life Beyond the Movement


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